Simple Training Plan

A simple but effective plan for starting a strength training routine. 


This plan is not the best strength training plan out there.  It’s not even one of the better plans out there.  It’s not meant to be the best, nor is it meant to be optimal for any particular person or group.  The beauty of this plan is its simplicity.  Why are you doing it?  Because it is written down.  If this plan is successful, you will leave it somewhat stronger, somewhat more confident, but MOST IMPORTANTLY, you will leave it with a habit.  Once you are finished with this plan, you are ready to begin training for the rest of your life!

The basics:

  • 3 days/week for 8 weeks. After 8 consistent weeks, you can replace any of the exercises to incorporate more variety (for example, using dumbbells, barbells, cables, etc.)
  • Take ~2 minutes rest between sets, but more is OK if you need it
  • Test the machine out and guess a starting weight. If you can complete all 3 sets of 8 reps, increase the weight (5-10 lbs) the following week.  At first, you will probably progress quickly, depending on how good your guess was.
  • Write the weight and # of reps down for each exercise, you probably won’t remember them week to week. If you are not keeping track of this, then you will not progress properly!
  • Perform the repetitions slowly (especially on the way down!). If you can do the reps quickly, the weight is too low!!
  • This is very time efficient, with 4-5 exercises each day it should only take 30 minutes
  • If these machines are not available, find a comparable exercise
  • Complement these strength exercises with some cardio – go for walks or hikes, rowing, swimming, jogging… whatever you like (so you actually do it)!

The plan:

Day 1 (Monday) ‘Push’ Day 2 (Wednesday) ‘Pull’ Day 3 (Friday) ‘Legs/Trunk’
3 x 8 Eagle NX Chest Press

3 x 8 Eagle NX Overhead Press

3 x 8 Eagle NX Triceps

3 x 8 Prestige Lateral Raise

3 x 8 Prestige Fly

3 x 8 Eagle NX Lat Pulldown

3 x 8 Eagle NX Row

3 x 8 Eagle NX Arm Curl

3 x 8 Prestige Rear Delt


3 x 8 Eagle NX Abdominal

3 x 8 Eagle NX Leg Press

3 x 8 Eagle NX Leg Extension

3 x 8 Eagle NX Leg Curl

3 x 8 Eagle NX Back Extension


Final Comments:

A big % of weight loss is due to diet.  I would recommend a food log/diary (MyFitnessPal is a great app for this).  Exercise is critical to being healthy and building strength, but a poor diet will always hold you back with respect to weight loss.

After 8 weeks, you can incorporate more dumbbell, barbell, and cable exercises.  Ideally, you would add in the big three lifts: squat, deadlift, and bench.  Start at 50% of your body weight.  Might feel super easy at first, that’s okay.  If you can successfully complete 3 sets of 8 reps, next session you add 5-10 lbs.  If you can’t complete 3 x 8, keep the weight the same and go for it again the next time.

The key is to keep progressing by adding some weight whenever you are successful.  Good luck!

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